I'm Angel Quintana, the founder of Holistic Fashionista Magazine and Botanica, and the chief instructor of the Higher Calling School of Business. And perhaps just like you, I spent a lot of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears building my online business. 

After the close of my fashion business in 2007, I went on a self explorative voyage to discover the real me and the real reason my company fell apart. That's when I found natural medicine and alas, my voyage continued in the online space. 

During my studies at natural medicine school, I hired my first business coach. And then I hired another and another and another.

During these formative years of figuring out where the heck I belonged in this online space, I was also attending a lot of live seminars and conferences all around the country. And while I gained value from my investments in coaching and conferences, I still didn't have my problem solved: how do I build my holistic business?

The one thing I noticed after 2 years (and spending $35,000+ on these coaches and conferences), was how easy I was to sell to!

I started analyzing the tactics these "gurus" were using that got me to shell out more and more money to buy their info products, attending their live events, and reading nearly every newsletter they sent out. 
At the live events, I'd watch tons of people literally run down the aisle and nearly knock other people over to buy what they were, "selling from the stage".
Something just didn't feel authentic to me about it and the price tags were also thousand of dollars. (And when you're just starting out, it can add up quick!)

Watching from me seat, I noticed there were never any windows in these lavish spaces where these conferences were held, and it was always kind of chilly. I also felt that I gained a lot of information, but not so much the "implementable strategy" I could take home and use in my business. 

Many of the people I met at these conferences even told me the reason they go to all these conferences is to find clients! That really stunned me, especially because I was always going there just to learn. Was I missing something? Was this a big conference created for me to open my pocket book not just from the people speaking on stage, but to also for the person sitting next to me? URGH.

I started to trust no one and these typical conferences quickly started leaving a nasty taste in my mouth. And the next conference I went to really wanted to make me gag...

One of my coaches really "liked me" (translation: she knew people liked me and that I could prolly help her out 'butts in seats' -- her language not mine) and was always buttery me up. 

I must have had "naïve" tattooed on my back (last time I checked it said "vitality"), because I almost fell for it when she invited me to speak on her stage at her next event. Now, some newbie would probably been over the moon, but at the time the thought of speaking on stage made me want to throw up, but her being the amazing saleswoman she was told me she would personally teach me how to speak on stage so I would be ready for her event. 
The antics that are used to market to the healer, Empath, Lightworker, and spiritual entrepreneur are rather ruthless; the truth is, we're kinda an easy target. 
But of course, there was a catch. 

She told me to coach with her 1-on-1 to teach me how to speak on stage was a value of $40,000 and she would waive that fee if I could help her fill her event (I had about 20 of my people attend her last one and her venue held 80 people!) 

I was about to say, "okay!" when the next line that came out of her mouth was, "but if you don't keep up the end of your bargain and fill my event by helping me sell $40,000 worth of tickets, then you'll have to pay me the difference."


That didn't feel right and told her I'd have to think about it. A week later I declined the invitation and never spoke to her again. (Although she remained my FB friend; she intimidated the hell out of me.)

What I've witnessed in the typical destination conference "business model" is just that: it's a business and there are marketing and sales tactics that are a well crafted science-- and what happens behind closed doors (like my situation), is what stopped me from ever attending another conference like that. 

Because I know firsthand that trying to grow a business can be a tiresome and expensive investment, (and because I want nothing more than to be the whistleblower on this BS) the antics that are used to market to the healer, Empath, Lightworker, and spiritual entrepreneur are rather ruthless.
The truth is, we're kinda are an easy sales target because we always want to invest in ourselves!
Here me out. 

Like you, I have a huge heart. I love to help others (and did so for free for a very, very long time). I love self development and heck I really love a challenge, but there is so much to learn and because learning is one of my favorite past times, investing in myself is always something I'm going to do. 

Now hear this: if you are someone who loves to work on yourself and there is nothing more you want than to help others succeed in some capacity, and education is always going to be one of your favorite past times, isn't it safe to say that these "gurus" and "business coaches" are rather intelligent to pick US as their "target market"?

Yeah. They are no dummies.
I wanted to create a learning experience where people just like me could go to learn, save money, and NOT be stuck in a freezing cold room without windows sitting next to hundreds of people who just wanted to sell me stuff. 
While I'm still not very fond of speaking from the stage and definitely not interested in selling from one, the big lightbulb went off in my head...

That's how MANIFEST + SLAY was born. I wanted to create a learning experience in the digital space where people just like me could come to learn, save their travel fare money, and NOT be stuck in a freezing cold room without any windows sitting next to hundreds of people who just wanted to sell me their stuff. 

And so it is. 

And the best part is you can wear your yoga pants, have your pup curled up with you on the sofa all while obtaining the tools you need to thrive by learning from someone who's been there done that. 

I've seen the behind the scenes of those typical destination conferences and I'm not impressed. I appreciate what I learned, but if I can get that information from home, save money, and not be on the receiving end of the sleazy sales pitch at the end of each keynote speaker, count me in!

If you're looking to grow spiritually and financially wealthy in the comfort of your own home on your favorite mobile device, I'd love for you to join me!
Angel Quintana is an author, metaphysical teacher, business mentor, and apothecary who is known for her thought-provoking lectures that empower the holistic leader of tomorrow. 

Her holistic approach to internet marketing is personalizing the way we look at money generating activities; while her forward-thinking trade concepts, Signature System® and Kismet Client®, inspire others to think for themselves, embody their gifts, and create noteworthy products that solve problems from their root in order to build spiritual and physical wealth.

Through her symposiums, MANIFEST + SLAY offers high vibe curricula delivered in the comfort of your own home without the sleazy sales pitches or expensive travel fares so nobody misses out! 🙌